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Play Wink: the Game instead. This thing is nothing compared to that.

Update June 3, 2005
The glitch is gone! A huge thanks to A.J.S. Newgas for showing me Flasm, which helped me locate the problem. The game (version 1.04) should not crash on anyone now, and if it does, please tell me (the new file will take a few days to update on NG).

Thanks for the feedback.
If the game runs slowly for you, download the stand-alone version. I can't expect this game to play smoothly on everyone's computers; it's not your normal Flash game! There's a link in the game to get the stand-alone version, or you can paste this URL into your browser, removing the spaces NG put in there:

Try to be stealthy. It's more fun that way! If you only play one stealth-action Wink-based game this year, make it this one! (Don't forget to grab staffs, and Hoodleys by the neck!)

Sorry about the crashing... I've pushed Flash to its limits 100 times over. There is no "fix" but I continue to update the file. It's nearly impossible to cause such errors in Flash, yet somehow I managed to do it.

General bugs:
- if you the quality goes nuts on you, try reloading the game or using a different browser. There is no auto-quality in the game; it's Flash's own doing!
- Hiding (going into the shadows) can cause Flash to go nuts. Trust me, a few reloads and the game should run pretty bug-free, it's the luck of the draw!
- If you don't start next to Wink's plane, something has gone wrong, please reload the game.

Thanks for playing!


Not so bad

These reviews are way too harsh.

The errors are trivial, and typical of an alpha version.

I personally experienced virtually nothing in the way of bugs, but i'd love to fight the boss.

Please finish this soon!!

- Kat.

I found the leak

the leak happens whenever you slam an enemy into the screen with the staff, so if you avoid doing that the game runs fine

To laggy.

When i play i get stuck in walls. And some times just ends up any where. It is a great game. But it`s to many bugs and its to laggy. Keep it up! :-)

Very very good.

Encountered a few bugs as you've written in your comments, so I wasn't bothered about it particularly.

The makings of a very, very good game. I like the Metal Gear Solid style of gameplay :)


Buggy but awesome.

Dude, the game is pretty buggy.. hell, its still awesome IMO.

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3.97 / 5.00

May 1, 2005
3:01 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other