Reviews for "old wink game thing"

Ok this is fun. but not gr8.

i found some glitches too. i only got it to work a few times but wen u run up to a door u need a staff for i was able to keep moving and grabbing my way throught the door without the staff. and also it sux tht the boss isnt there. but o well its prty gud.


bad. if you get three guys after you you just keep falling down. this should be rated WK for wimpy kids.

i found a working one and beat it

for people wantintg the ending after you beat up the dragon you go to rescue the chick and your girl friend came over in a helicopter and crushed the princess with the helicopter with her exxelenct driving skills too and it shows wink and the girl friend playing a video game the whole time

Always loved this game.

Other than to bugs, great game.


this game is kool