Reviews for "old wink game thing"

cool game

i like the variety of the staffs and saw the dragon, it was fat with small wings and neck


I think i found a glich, bug or something. Theres a place plataform or something where you need a lit staff, and you fall where you need a wind staff (or near it) to move another plataform (if you go down you need a fire staff)... well, i fell with the lit staff and i went through the wall... i even reached a blue (or purple) with grey place, i could move all around but couldnt run, the i reached a white place... and i got bored, at the white place i could only move, i was stealth at that moment.

Well the game is good, though i didnt liked the A S D keys. I liked it, the character is kinda cool. ^^

to hard and glitchy

u need to fix the glitch wheree it makes u not jumping

it's okay...

but it's crap compared to wink: the game.


This is a hard game (or it may just be the fact that i'm right handed and my right hand is broken!)