Reviews for "old wink game thing"

NICe.... choke

i didnt like it so much because theres not a lot of things


can't wait for the boss, get it ready soon =D

Nice !

The idea for this game is great, but it's always the same... caught an enemy off guard and strangle him to death, that's basically all you have to do. The cartoon graphics are great ! It took me a little bit of time to finally get used to the controls... otherwise, this game is fun and entertaining.

Change controls and get rid of tip toeing

I would have had a lot more fun if he'd just runnnnn so slow otherwise. I wanted to tape down the shift button it was killing my wedding finger. I think that was actually why I kept getting my ass kicked was because I kept having to look down. There was no need at the tip toeing thing for me, just get the hell out if your running from a gaurd. Maybe it's a game that requires time and I just want a faster paced game though. Because the graphics are really good and the concept and everything. So I'm giving you a 7 it's really good just too slow moving for me for a jump and run game. 7/10 3/5


but great exsideing game !! well good done !! the best part was kicking the badguys buttes.
make a nother game like it .