Reviews for "old wink game thing"


I like what you have, at least what's playable. The style and graphics seem good enough but the game is so buggy that I can't play for over 15 seconds. I don't think this is front page material, yet, but if you fix the bugs you definately got my vote :)

Nice game

or at least it will be ONCE YOU FUCKING FIX IT


To many bugs!otherwise it would be great

Looks good.

Very cool looking, and the litle fella makes a neat sound wen he starts runing. The game controles need alot of work, very slow to respond, and could use a melee attack with alitle range like a jab.

Err...absolutely NOTHING works...

Dunno why but...NOTHING works...the enemies are flying in the air, when i try to run the camera shifts on the sides and the character dissapears, the jump button doesnt work...anyway...at least the graphics are nice...