YAAFM 10: 50 Cent

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Reginold is back! This time he takes aim at 50 Cent. New background, new mouths, new size. Enjoy, and don't forget to listen to ZipperFish Talk Radio every Friday night, LIVE over the internet. Check out ZipperFish.com for more details. **EDIT**:: I do read reviews! Also, there is an ad at the end, but it is NOT for porn! It's for MAGAZINES, and is the best deal I have ever seen! I would not put it up there if I did not believe in the product! If you want me to work for free, you must be a socialist. I suggest you move to Russia. USA! USA! USA!


How many people can you have a feud with?

50 cent is pathetic and his lyrics are wack.

I agree

Some say 50 cent is the Uncle Tom of the rap game. Most people in New York agree. So called rappers like him die in the music business and will end up like MC hammer, Cannibus, Master P and, several thousand other weak ass rappers that couldn't hold there own. He was alright when he first started out but, just because you start out on fire doesn't mean you can stay hot. Just ask Vanilla Ice!

Honestly i'm disapointed

i was interested to see how you were going to spin 50 cent into a yaafm, but i wasn't really impressed your graphics and sounds are fine as normal but it just wasn't that funny. I cracked up laughing at your first bunch but the last few have been going downhill. The jokes just weren't that good. Sorry.

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The-WalrusZ responds:

okay. thanks for the thoughts.


MAN u rock! its been a long time since uve produced an episode!!
great job!

YAAFM returns in all its glory!

Well done! The attack on 50 cent is reminiscent of your original work with Jessica Simpson. All you need to do now is bring back Barkley!

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Apr 28, 2005
1:55 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody