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Reviews for "YAAFM 10: 50 Cent"

All good points!

50 Cent is nothing more than this year's figurehead. Most rap is indeed degrading, seseless drivel that any halfway intelligent being could create. (note my use of the word *MOST* little posers)

50 Cent has based his career in this *bad* rap. Garbage that degrades women, glorifies drug use/abuse, and unthinking violence.

Also, I work at Wal-Mart. Today I had the pleasure of tossing lots of rap albums into the clearance racks! Apparently no one is willing to pay 13.95 for this stuff! No one would buy them at 1/2 off either..... R.I.P. rap fad???

A true f-ing moron

I've always hated rap because to me it represents the worst in humanity. I mean it's music about copious amounts of money, illegal drugs, sex and hos. Rap just isn't very substantive. Then you get to the fact that almost all rap 'songs' sound almost EXACTLY THE SAME. It's irritating how these half-wits get rich off this mindless drivel. At any rate, to the review:

This YAAFM accurately portrays the hypocrisy associated with an obscenely rich black man selling less rich or middle-class white, suburban kids romanticized songs about 'street life' and 'harsh reality'. What is harsh about 50 Cent's life or his fans' lives anyways? Most of the people that live on the streets can't afford his music. Whenever I hear this music blarring from some rich suburban kid's daddy's Escalade with the whorishly dressed 16 year old girls in the back, I feel like getting out of my car and smashing their faces in. YOU PEOPLE ARE NOT BLACK. YOU ARE NOT POOR. YOU ARE NOT 'THUGS' and you are NOT oppressed. You have no reason to listen to this shitty music or to glorify its culture. 50 Cent is likewise not poor or oppressed or a gangster or a thug. There is nothing glorious or righteous about being a drug dealer or stealing shit or treating women like garbage. There isn't anything easy or cool about being a thug either, because you're always running from the cops or barely making it by.

People worship this man like he's done something noble or great, but in reality he hasn't. He is just an image, a face and body used to sell the crap-of-the-month some half-baked Hollywood executive crapped out on his way home from work.

So in summary, 50 cent is a hypocrite and a mindless dolt that is worshiped by equally hypocritical and shallow imbeciles. Rap sucks and anyone that listens to it that ISN'T a 'real' thug is a moron.

Walrus, you, are an F'in Genius

I decided to review this one cause it's one of my faves. All of the ones in this series are fantastic though, i totally appreciate and understand your humour, and you always make me laugh out loud. I've passed this series around to a few uni mates and they all love it too. Keep making them mate, you're a legend in your own right.

Incorrect Ebonics usage

Love the cartoons, one little mistake though. When little sluggo or whatever the hell his name is holds up the sign "I be rich," it's an unacceptable sentence in Ebonics. I'm a Linguistics major in college and I just gave a lecture on this so, believe me. In order to not propogate unjustified prejudices that equate Ebonics with improper grammar and that speakers of Ebonics are stupid, i'll explain how "be" works in Ebonics. In the syntax, or grammar, of Ebonics, yes Ebonics has it's own seperate grammatical system that is different from Standard English, "be" makes a following verb habitiual. Case in point "he be studyin" is not equal to "he is studyin" formed improperly but is equivalent to "he is always studying" or "he is often studying" Note the following real dialogue. A:"Uncle, Y'all be playing basketball over there?" B: "Naw man, we don't be playing, but we play there sometimes." therfore, "he be rich" isn't quite right, since you can't be habitually rich. I know you weren't alluding to Ebonics equaling stupid but, just wanted to clarify that and enlighten some people.

awesome. utterly awesome.

walrus, you never fail to amaze me. 50 cent is indeed a role model for posers everywhere. right now, i am no more than ten feet away from a rich white kid listening to his "music" and babbling in ebonics. quite frankly, it's sad.

walrus, give yourself a pat on the back, you deserve it
for those of you who listen to 50 cent... you get what you pay for

keep the YAAFM's coming, and here's to poser bashing everywhere