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Reviews for "YAAFM 10: 50 Cent"

Still good

Just not really followin you on the whole, givin a damn about people rappin violence drugs and women.

He dissed Oprah. Why he did it, that proves..

...the point.

Fiddy has tried, repeatedly, to get on Oprah's show. Oprah's got her own issues, largely diet (and dieting) related, but she is very organised, successful, and indicative that a black woman can make it.

That, and her not being into gangsta rap "culture", led a ticked 50 Cent to call her an Oreo. I mean, Hello? This guy's so into success in white suburbia that he dicided the most visibly successful black woman is an Oreo since she's not "GHETTO" enough for his tastes?

He IS a fucking moron. Look it up, people!

Anyhow, Thanks for starting me off on confirming Fiddy's moron status, Walrus. You're an alright guy.

Being a moron and a whore is two different things.

If in music catering to a stupid audience is called prostitution, then 50 cent is one of the many whores working in the big bordello we call MTV. That thing is a cesspool, spitting out one travesty after another. The only thing that tops it is Disney.




Love the new look. Pretty good entry, although compared to classics like Britney, and Bush, it loses something. Always good to see another entry though.