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Reviews for "YAAFM 10: 50 Cent"

YAAFM kicks royal ass, need I say more?

Not the best of them all, but still extremely good and extremely funny. hooray for the truth... it's always the best humor.

Didn't make me laugh as hard as the others...

...however it made very good points, therefore I enjoyed watching it. Looking forward to the next one.


huh hahahaha this shit was amazing hahaha lol! poor old 50 cent hes still a kool rapper though reguardless of what he does then again 90% of rappers just like to throw their money around their videos, daymn pass me some of those bucks ill show you what I would do with the millions :)


Hey fucker before me. It's "You're" not "your," dumbass. "Oh my God, somebody help me. Somebody has a different view on life than me. All I can do now is complain about it on newgrounds. That way I can safely hide from my own latent homosexuality. Wah wah wah. "He did a great job on this. 50 cent needs to be taken down a few pegs. So does any other hypocritical douchebag. So, thanks. I'm glad some people still THINK FOR THEMSELVES.

(needed more violence, though.. Like 50 getting shot several times in the head.)

Also, before people yell at me: I'm not racist. I'm just anti-idiot.

Adding fuel to The Game's war machine: I love it

Personally I am a rap fan (and not white) and also a supporter of the GUnit's works. However personally I feel 50's a warmonger (or beefmonger if you want) due to him always starting beefs with any giants he finds and goes to Eminem or Dre for his shield. Reginald should also have attacked him for being a beefmonger and not just overmarketing his bullet scars. But this is good for The Game who needs a bit of our support. Go get him lad.