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YAAFM 10: 50 Cent

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Reginold is back! This time he takes aim at 50 Cent. New background, new mouths, new size. Enjoy, and don't forget to listen to ZipperFish Talk Radio every Friday night, LIVE over the internet. Check out ZipperFish.com for more details. **EDIT**:: I do read reviews! Also, there is an ad at the end, but it is NOT for porn! It's for MAGAZINES, and is the best deal I have ever seen! I would not put it up there if I did not believe in the product! If you want me to work for free, you must be a socialist. I suggest you move to Russia. USA! USA! USA!

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I kind of missed seeing the viewer mail. I'd grown accustomed to that. I liked getting to know more about 50 Cent. It is kind of annoying when you just quote him. You should probably just talk more about stuff he did. It doesn't seem that bad.

I still love the designs of these characters. I like the signs he puts up. It's a great secondary gag. I think this is still pretty informative. Most of it was good, even though it wasn't one of the best.

fucking bloody idiot

This is stupid.

He has no real dirt on 50 cent. and it's not funny nor really insulted. not saying this guy series sucks but this episode does.

another great show

i live close to the library the ghetto black kids use for school and they are actually always ASKING people how to download illegle music it is so stupid also i dont like rap in general except for m&m because hes just kinda crazy


every where i look now i see people starting to dislike fiddy. i think its funny cos after his first cd i knew he was not going to be any better.. only thing good bout him now is some of his beats. come on fiff stop being bout the fuckin money and do real gangsta rap again man