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XIN Session 14

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Author Comments

Thank you to all the VAs for making this session possible. We're pleased to release this session fully dubbed.:)
Hope everyone enjoys it.
For more information on the series, please feel free to checkout our webiste.

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I think this is one of the better episodes. I just liked how it wasn't violent. I'm sorry, but this series isn't really for me. I do like how you were trying to be more philosophical here. The animation is pretty good. The animation is also pretty nice.

It actually shows a good slice of life story. It came off as more ambitious. It just made more sense. It does make you want to see future stuff. I still would not quite recommend it.


this was just awsome


Reminds me of Ganondorf
Yes, from Legend of Zelda
He just...
Swam in tan-pools and dyed his hair blonde??


House Dimir... twelth guild of ravnica, the secret guild, the guild of thief and assasssins (if you don't know what im talkin about, get yourself these books; Ravnica, city of guilds, Guildpact, Dissenssion from wizards of the coast, the guys who made D&D)

for me, Dimir signifies secrets, tretchery, machinations, plots, coup d'├ętat, etc.

so thats what i had to say, ry if it makes no sense but hey, i took out what i had to say

Another twist!

"It looks like you're wasting your quarters here."
*horrified expression*
Hahaha...that was good. Also, having those two numbskulls from session one or two show up in the background at the fair was very subtle. I almost missed them. And having Dom come back was another great twist. Keep things unexpected; it's all the better then.