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Reviews for "XIN Session 14"

better read this if you want a 10 in the future.

I liked the story and the composion of the pictures and so ,
but what I did not like was the voices , It looks (sorry) ..sounds like the "voice actors" just read the lines from a paper and recorded without any rehersal or testing , not even being sure about the words in the sentences.
The melody of the sentences was all wrong in some parts and so.
Except of that I kinda liked it and I didn't get bored during the movie.
Let me explain my thaugts with a metaphore ;
If you quickly draw a map ,u don't put all your time in it , u only try to explain for someone how to get from one place to another.
Though , if you have to make a map for a the president how to get to some place and you will get payed in big money and you get a long time to make the map , you may use your best brushes and pens to make a map that shows in a really good way exactly how to get to the place and in the same time you may add some colours to the trees next to the river you have to pass to get to the shortcut to the place (etc.) , using good paper and getting help from the best map makers in the country if you need help with something on the map instead of just your friends , family .. (or something) who has no earlier experiance of making maps (if u don't under stand what I mean by that , I can tell u that I mean the people who made the voices in the movie).
YOU ARE NOT just making a simple sketch for someone really quick.
(by "the scetch" i mean your movie XIN session 14)
Well I think it was pretty good after all , but seriously I can't remember when I think of it, cos I've been writing for quite a long time.

Don't get offended by this review , usually I wouldn't spend this much time for something like this . I'm not trying to proove that I've got a higher position than you by saying all this , just trying to help and in the same time review it , I hope you can read this and not just skip this and put it under the "bullshit reviews" cos after all I'm giving you a "WOOT!! ALL MY 5 R BELONG TO THIS" grade for being so patient and reading this review .
so now I say : Top o' the morning to ya (allthough I'm not irish) ,
Mazel Tov! (allthough I'm not jewish) , Banzai (allthough I'm not japanese) Big up! (allthough I'm not black)
Word up Fo shizzle' my dizzle this da bomb !!(allthough I'm not white trying to be black)
and finally : woot! that's hot ( allthough I'm not spending that much time at newgrounds)
haha , have a good time bye (by the way My favorite part was the 3 or 2 seconds when you saw the characters in the arcad fighting game move)

Goes with the series

I want to say Fuck yeah, but the mouth movements were off which really distracts a lot from the whole picture. Fix the mouths and ratings will rocket up.

WTF i cant hear any voices

yo i cant hear any voices but i hear every thing else like backgrounds music and stuff i watched it all up to 11 and it stop hear voices and now i am sad itht i dont get to watch it i love this series keep it going!


not bad

not the best one i've seen so far, the vpices were ok, not exactly how i pictured them sounding like, you should add an option in a menu for voice or with out. this ep was abit boreing but they can't be fighting all the time and i did get to learn more about xin so i did enjoy it

The Best

This was best of all XIN episodes I seen sofar but you should put some voises to anothers too. You know what I mean, dontza? And keep up with these good work. I really like these episodes :D