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Reviews for "XIN Session 14"

this flash only improves

Wow, you just outdue yerself and make this series better and better with each try. You've gone a long way and made greater adn greater imporvements, and you continue to make imporvements. GREAT work you've done so far and i can't wait for the next episode, but i must but i don't mind :)

Good Job

This whole series is great. Thanks for getting these out so quickly.

very nice

Like all your previous episodes... this was great. I am enjoying the voice addins; and wow you had a lot of names for the voices, great selection.
I am wandering about this episode... wow no fighting.... is this the calm befor the storm maybe ^_^ hehe i guess i have to wait and find out.

good review

really entertaining movie review. I hope u make more reviews


You guys rock. Xin truly owns.
Thank you for this awsome series.