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Reviews for "XIN Session 14"


just awesome what else can i say......

its like watching a tv show

this is very good but there is one problem
the voise actors have a very hard time on saying the word "other"
it sounds like there saying "udder"


OMG taith or w/e your name is, you are obviously either tasteless or belong in dipers because if you think this isn't worth watching then you need a new brain. If you want to talk shit make something better then show it to me.

My hat is off to you at lifepoint1 for this great seriese, keep on doing what you all are, this is one of the best seriese on newgrounds. I know that term has been thrown around and dragged through the mud a lot, a bunch of noobs say it all the time to movies that are actually the worst, but this... this is truely and souley ONE of the best seriese on newgrounds. And it IS DEFINATELY worth watching.

(Going into my 2nd place authors' list)

Not wasting time to watch

it not waste time to watch

Not worth watching!

Not worth watching!