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Reviews for "XIN Session 14"


cant wait for the big fight


just plane Asome the best

Man had to stop playing AWDS to watch this....

and i loved it u make good flash, i would suggest making a manga series and showing it to asian publishers then start and anime. Last make so many sequels u can shade out starwars and 007.

P.S. Opium of the people is a good song it comes from Vol.3 sumblivinul verses i believe

Sweet Action

This episode may have the biggest cliffhanger i have ever seen in a flash movie. And lemme tell ya, i have seen a fuckton of flash movies. It was like the calm b4 the storm.

XIN is without question one of the top 10 series on NGs.

I wonder if there will be a chapter 3.....

Simply amazing, the best yet.

That was just mind-blowing, by far the best in the series so far and one of the greatest submissions of all time, this goes straight into 3rd spot in my top 10. I thought that my top 6 was unbreakable but then I saw this and it went straight in and it definitely earnt it, you guys seriously do make amazing movies, this is the 3rd movie of yours that's managed to get into my top 10 now, congrats on that. Once again this was just like watching a professional T.V. programme as opposed to a flash movie due to the brilliant, interesting storyline.

I loved this, right from the very start it was just amazing, instantly you had two major twists and it had only just begun, it was great to get that insight on Dimir and the 4 students who ran the school and it was also great to see Dom back. Another great thing about this episode was the fact that the main location wasn't at the school, it just gave it a slightly different feel to it which just made it even more enjoyable. It was also great that you brought in some background story to Xin and it was nice to see the relationship between him and Zumi explained, the same goes for Ghai and Mina. It was also great to finally see what happened between Ghai and Andre at the school at the end of the first season as that was left unexplained until now. I did just really love how you revealed background story to so many different characters, I'm just hoping that the rest in this series are as good as this one, they wouldn't even have to anywhere near as close to this and they'd still be amazing, this episode was just that damn good. it was definitely excellent to see that there were no sound problems or poor voice acting in it whatsoever, it managed to make the movie seem even better than it already was. Anyway, well done, brilliant job, keep up the birlliant work.

Peace Out, Afro Stud