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Reviews for "XIN Session 14"


this is one of the only flash series ive ever loved this much

dont give up!

this is one of the best serie ever seen just keep up like this and you will reach the top!

anothor episode fantastic!!!! and the BIG FIGHT!!

well the big fight will happened and won't be preety since theres gonna be blood.keep up the good work!had a kinda humor in it at the fair.well going to see the next episode.

Mr.Dom is back

Cool Dom is back and hes ready to fight, but hes not fightin in this episode, too bad. Heh "circus" is in town! Hurray, every one are happy and no fights, too bad. Well good grapichs and sounds saves this film.

OMFG, Why, Oh Why, can i not put 50 for style

This is, without a doubt, the best series, television or internet, that I have ever seen. I hope you never stop making episodes.