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Reviews for "XIN Session 14"


this is practically a real anime, its just the way you make them. you do it just like a professional :D

greatest series ever!!!!!

have you considered making a xin game?
i think itd be cool get to use all the characters, definately should consider it

Finally a break from the action..

It's nice to see a break from the usual violence of the Xin series, but I enjoyed this episode just as much as any other. It was intersting to see some history behind Ghai and Min, and the same goes for Xin and Zumi. It's nice to have a better understanding of the characters and their intentions, but, whaddya know.... another cliffhanger.

Another intersting music choice, and the dubbing in this session was particularly well done.

Come a long way

When I saw the first episode, normally I probably wouldn't have watched any more. But since there were 15 episodes, I gave it more of a chance, and SO glad I did!

Everything has come a long way (most signifigantly after they changed schools).
The strongest aspect has to be your characters. You've got a great variety of characters (both in design and pesonality!) without getting stale or predictable. Even smaller characters have depth in their personalities.
The voice actors you have are great too :) While the sound quality could use some improvement, it doesn't ruin how good they are.

The art has gotten a lot better too! I like the style a lot

That, and the fight scenes are awesome. Keep it up!

It's like flash anime!!!:D(good anime not crappy)

Great Job!!!^___^(talking about all of the XIN Sessions!)