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LoZ: OoT Lock Remix

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Hello, sandman0277 here. This is a project that the Locks have been working on for a few months now. We've taken the seven Transportation songs from Ocarina of Time and made videos to them Lock style! Look around for a hidden easter egg. Once again, and I can't stress this enough. Vote fair. And if you don't like locks don't be a dick and auto 0 this and leave a idiotic review.

Also note that I had to sacrifice sound quality for file size... Sorry

I've been getting a bunch of personal messages about the song used in the menu screen is called "Ancient Hero" by DrakeSword. You can find it OCRemix.org, along with a bunch of other cool video game remixes.

Fixed up the preloader. It should hopefully work now.

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It seems that nobody remembers this collaboration, since I know that in the comments they are 5 years old, and well today and this year I have to leave this comment, and it is more I think that this fantastic collaboration has been quite forgotten, and also this is not the remix, but it's still good!!!

Lock-Legion responds:

Don't worry broski, I remember this collab, so it's not "nobody" :)

is it me or it isnt a remix who cares y love it

Loved it

That was surprisingly decent. Couple things to point out though - there's only SIX transportation songs, not seven as said in the description. Also, the remixer/artist of the main menu music is "DarkeSword", not "DrakeSword".


This really good!!!
nexttime put in other video game songs like LOZ-Wind Waker or Majoras mask, ok?!