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Reviews for "LoZ: OoT Lock Remix"

Great animations man!

This has some great animations I enjoyed watcheing it, Link should be a Lock he'd be better off as one because he'd be even more kick ass.:p

sandman0277 responds:

Link Lock actually recently joined the LL ^_^


They all were very good, keep it up!

sandman0277 responds:

=D Thanks <3

Freakin sweet

lol! i love these toons. keep on mamin these things. damn these r funny

sandman0277 responds:

Thanks dude! I think I got the message straight... Something about maiming my cartoons. Got it ^_^


cool, never heard of this LL collab yet. Its awsome!

sandman0277 responds:

I guess you don't look in the Flash section much =O


Dude this Rox!! the sound is awsome, the graphics kick ass and this...its....WOW!!!

sandman0277 responds:

Thank you very much! ^_^