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Reviews for "LoZ: OoT Lock Remix"

hmmm.. good

I really love how you have an easter egg put in.... but I love the music more than the actual animation, sorry to tell you, although the nocturn of shadow was done very well ... I feel...


on the side of the blue thing the is a thing that sesys lolwtfholyshit....dont ask me im not the one who mad it and im not liyen

It's ok, but needs more.

The lock faces were expressive, but in the Bolero of Fire, you had a normal link and a lock Sheik which just doesn't feel right; either both or niether. It's an interesting use of the original song in Zelda, it sounds like the ones that were used when you learn them the first time, but I don't remember if there was any difference between that and when you played them... I don't give it a high score because mainly, it reminds me of the original scenes when I hear the music (and those were years ago when I last saw them) so... It kind of makes anything look bad by comparison because they were so deeply moving and stuff. It's a good flash, but the music just connotes so much more than anyone could ever put in a flash (well, maybe if you made it about 10x as good as the average flash with a 4 or higher...)


0 for violence cause there was none and humore because it was not funny i think you meant for it not to be funny or violent...
BUT it was an awesome movie and where did you get those songs? send me an email telling me please


That, was so w00t! i dont know what lock movies are (something to do with the keyholes?)but i liked the music and especially the menu music i sat and listened to it until it reapeated its awesome!

where did you get that music for the menu? plz email me at aww we can't put unrelated websites or html... ='<