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Reviews for "LoZ: OoT Lock Remix"

I loved it.

I am a fan of both the Locks, and OoT. There fore, I loved this submission. Good job.

it brings bak memories

it wqas really gd,it brings bak memories of when i used to play zelda ocarina of time.oh how i loved it,thank you so much for making this

I'm sorry, but...

About the only good thing about this was the music, and I know from where you may have gotten it. *holds up Zelda: OOT soundtrack of own* You did have the animations, but they were all the same, and none of them were moving. I'm sorry, but you did not give these pieces any justice.

Hey, about the other review i made for this movie

I accidently gave you a 4 whoops! ^_^ i ment to give you a 10!

tear bringing

i loved it. i still play my nintendo 64 till now. so far i just started it and now im on dodongo's cavern. i think u should make another one. but with all the songs like zelda's lulliby, epona's song, saria's song, the sun's song, the song of storms, and the song of time. plus other songs if i missed them.

sandman0277 responds:

One day, when I have more time, I want to make a bigger and better LoZ: Lock Remix of all the games.
Keep your eyes peeled =D