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Reviews for "LoZ: OoT Lock Remix"

Wasn't my favorite

I am a huge Zelda fan i currently have all zelda's but the Game Boy version of oracle of seasons and what ever the other one was but i thought a preloader would have been nice and i started click on every circle trying to get the movie to play so maybe a claerer START button would be nice other than that its good

sandman0277 responds:

There is a preloader... Syntax rechecking time!


very nice! i love Zelda, and it's awesome this was made.

sandman0277 responds:

Thanks ^_^

And yes, this is a fair voting

First, this is a collection of movies. I can accept that. FIne. Second, you stole all the ideas form the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time game. I can accept that too.
However, I have some fair gripes with this.
FIRST: I didn't know what a Lock movie was. Looks like a cheap knock-off of the whole Clock group. Maybe you're the same person though, so I'll at least glance past that.
The sound is somewhat badly rendered. The synching works fine, but it's still weird.
The scenes themselves have almost no point. The point they DO have is rather lame.
The animation is good, smooth and all. But the scenes are all too shrot.
Biggest gripe, though is simply that the "Play All" button doesn't worka t all.
I never took the time to find the easter egg that you touted. Not worth my time. Nor is this movie.
On a personal note: Be careful how you let yourself think. Just because a review is bad does not mean it's unfair.

sandman0277 responds:

You see, I wouldn't consider this "unfair". Unfair voters are people who see that its a lock movie, auto blam and leave thoughtless reviews like "you sux teh cok" and such. You have a reason for not liking it, and I respect that. Thanks for your honesty!

Now to your points...
1) The sound quality is low because the higher the quality, the higher the filesize. Im sure you don't want to wait for 3 MBs... But I can if there are enough complaints.
2) The scenes are short because the songs are short. Simple.
3) You have to click the center of the play all button. Trust me, it works.

All and all, it seems you have a short attention span, but an honest heart.