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Reviews for "LoZ: OoT Lock Remix"

Nicely done

I liked this alot, it was a great reminisce of the old zelda 64 days.

Thanks for doing this. It was really good and I loved the old Ocarina tunes.

I like this lol

and to the last reviewer you and this submission have somthing in common anyway i love zelda and i have to say one of my favs of this collab was the bolero of fire mind you the rest was gr8 2 keep up the gd work lock! :P

Uh.... Yeah.

Zelda Locks? No. While you got the songs right, (actually the order is "Nocturne of Shadow" then "Requiem of Spirit") but the flash's quality suffered.


Umm...okaaay? I don't get it. I'm trying to find some way to offer constructive critisism here, but I can't. The sound was good...otherwise, it makes my head hurt trying to imagine why you'd replace Zelda characters with random locks. oO


its good i like if only u put all ths parts in 2 a big story then it might of bin cooler o well it was still good and u well it looks like u took your time on this well i dodt know if i shod give this a 3 or 4
............. ommmm i thank i can give it somthing make more like this one and not litel parts cos littel parts of moves or plan gay and ....... i made up my mind i will give it a 3 ^__^