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FF: Mixed in Balamb2(1/3)

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FF: Mixed in Balamb 2 (2/3) is out! Please go and watch it, and very important, please vote!
Daily Feature, FrontPage and now Weekly User's Choice! Thanks everyone! The web site is online again!!

After 4 months of pure PAIN(yes all drawings with mouse), we have finished!!! A lot of people wanted FF: MiB part 2, so here it is.
With some impressive voice talent featuring Lucien Dodge and Omahdon, better sound quality (Rodrigo Due├▒ez)and better graphics(Julian & Arturo Jauregui) and 24 minutes of animation! This is the 1st part of 3.
-I believe there is a secret sce----

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Still remember this since I saw it when I was very young. I came back to refresh my review, since I still remember it. One of the best things I've seen. I'm really glad I managed to find this animation when I was a kid. Left an impact. I still like it. A lot of interesting elements used, and the animation is alright. Gold of the old times.

I'm not a "Final Fantasy" fan, but this was really fun! It was just great to see all these visuals. I'm at least somewhat familiar with most of these characters. It's great to see some different art styles. I also love how Sepiroth swears. It's great to have a lot of backstory, too.

It seems more like standard action than straight parody. Whatever it is, it's very nicely done. It's easy to see why everyone loves this. Everything is just so nice. You do the community good.

Man, this takes me back.

Motherfucker, you've out done yourself. Way better than the first.

"And can the narrators' accent's become even moore terrible"