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Reviews for "FF: Mixed in Balamb2(1/3)"


fist thing i saw was secret lol, but we wont tell you cant make us


this may seem a little random but i know where tidus is (its the secret)

An improvement on its predesscor

Mixed in Balamb 2 is a significant improvement over the first. There was an interesting mix of Castlevania and Final Fantasy here, with good voice acting and an awesome script. I especially liked the bit where you had Ash Ketchum as a zombie and he says as he is dying; "gotta...catch...em...all".

Bad things? It was rather short, you could have easily added more in and some of the characters looked completely different in alternating scenes. A good example of this was when there was a mimic of Quistis' portrait from FFVIII rather than the cartoony Quistis you created.

Still, apart from this, it was a real joy to watch. Good job!

Awesome video...

I luved this although I didn't like how the people's appearance change after every other frame...

To Stevoisiak:He screamed b/c the Black Mage said wait for a second and a second to the Black Mage was an eternity...

poor wakka but

he had it coming.i saw the other ones and saw what happened.ops was that a spoiler?eh just watch the next one ppl who see this review.