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Reviews for "FF: Mixed in Balamb2(1/3)"

This is coolio!

I am requesting you make a third Mixed in Balamb including the characters from final fantasy XII and XI as new students. Like Basch, Gabranth, and Stonokokko.
And think of the rest of it.

jolly good

very good show chaps. lol the accent was quite entertaining. certainly not the real thing but a brave try. good job on average.

FF8 is the best of the series

Pretty decent animation


pimpin auron lol :D

Really enjoyable

I love the ideas presented here. It is wonderfully crafted, but the animation is a bit slow at times for the humor. The animation needed to be cleaned up a bit but other than those two things it was great. And by the way, Cloud would beat Squals ass three ways from sunday, PERIOD lol.