Reviews for "FF: Mixed in Balamb2(1/3)"


This was really cool! You should consider making a more serious, action series, because you you've got skill.

Are there words to describe this? Not on Earth =)

I have seen the first one, and loved it beyond belief. I thought "Woah, the art is exceptional, considering it was drawn with a mouse! And the voices suit the mood!" I didnt think that anyone could surpass this. You, with your sequal (which was long awaited and worth every 'penny') has proven me wrong. Instead of the art being good considering it was mouse drawn, it has now become exceptional. The sound and voices differ, but suit the charcaters more and suit the mood much better. The quality was also great : even on high everything was smooth and fluent. The bonus scene was helluva funny, and I cannot await the second and third parts. If there were words to describe this then they would be of godly proportions. Well done.


are a god among all humans. Can't wait for the next installment.

himinilarious dude

lol wakka. hahaha. this is soo damn funny lol

anywho love this series.

keep the awsome work up!


*Seproith chops it up*
"Fuck, It was Ash!"