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You know, I think that we should all take more time out of our day to listen to our Elder Gods -- sure they're a little old, but they still have something to offer each and every one of us.

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how come no one in reviews can spell Cthulhu?


Great one!

I think this is my favorite submission from you that did not win a single award. I am surprised it did not, as it is a very intelligent look at gods or religion or whatever. I love how the conversation dwindled off into irrelevant things like H. P. Lovecraft works. Then, it managed to get into more philosophical things like religious wars. The designs are all quite interesting, even if there is not much action. It is funny to just see these guys try to figure out what is going on with everything.

this cracks me up everytime but...

I can answer the question posed by the green head about God being jealous and competing with other Gods its because the Israelites were being whiny dickheads and worshipping false idols, he had to take a firm hand to protect them from themselves. At this point Jesus hadn't died to save us from our sins yet so we were still totally exposed to Satan who took the form of other Gods to make us worship him and do evil. If God was competing with anyone it was Satan not other Gods because there is only one.

Too bad the Elder Gods can't actually contribute

Cthoolou must be a lesser variety of Old Ones. It seems like every time someone talks to one of the main Gods like Yog-Sothoth or Azathoth, they end up mutated or crazy (as if...).

Lose 1d6 sanity, gain understanding of humor

Heheh, that was great. Started out damn creepy like it should. Then you used the tension to make me laugh... my favorite part would have to be when the, um, top-left-squeaky-voice face went all existential. And the lower-left face vomited some insignificant dirty rock. Thanks a bunch!