Reviews for "Cthoolou"

Me likes

This was a damn funny cartoon, much like all of yours. I am always lookign for new cartoosn by you, especially the Grim Reaper Show, not to be an ass and sound like I am rushing you. But whens the next one coming?? Anyways, great cartoons, stupid politics make me laugh.
(poli)-many (tics)- blood sucking mites.


I was wondering when you were finally going to submit this to Newgrounds. Either way, keep up the good/evil work.


I love everything you do! Decent, creepy art and humor with a sentient mind behind it, even if that mind wanders off the beaten path...


another awesome movie. great job.
hope we can see more grim reaper movies and maybe one with balthor too.

nice job

keep up the good work.