Reviews for "Cthoolou"

I have a question.

I know I'm sounding completly idiotic here, but who IS Cthulu?
I know he is mythical, like Zeus and all those, but what role does he
play? I'm just completly lost in all this Cthulu commotion.

Good but....

The animation was funny, I enjoyed it, I just want to check up on one thing.

You DO know you spelled "Cthulhu" wrong, right?

Matzerath responds:

Yes -- he's not THE Cthulhu, but a near cousin.


He needs to prove it to himself :)

Anyway, great animation! That is indeed a very good question - how can God be certain he's God?

Very funny too! You definatly posess my sence of humor, an expansive (and somewhat unique) vocabulary, and an undoubtably high IQ.
Keep at it, I love this stuff!

If you were suspended in space..

You'd probably be a touch bit bitchy as well. I haven't come across anything like this or your other flash animations. Everything's so damn clever. I like it. The clever.

Alright enough smoke and asses. Keep up the good work.

Good stuff. Great ending.

I like watching unfathomable monsters portrayed as touchy neurotics.