Reviews for "Cthoolou"


holy hell. this is by far the best lovecraft mythos oriented cartoon ive seen yet! even better than pokemoneth al subuzneth beelzebub. i figured with the title it would be a lame attempt, but after watching i know its intentional, and i feel even MORE rewarded! im gonna go watch it again and feel my mind shift!
ia ia!

Mind Sex

This has such clever piercing perspectives. I'm such a sucker for logical controversial philosophical arguments!

My mind just feels like it got raped, but somehow...somewhere along the line, my mind started to enjoy it, and i think it was the best orgasm it ever had... rape it some more please?!?


This is so well crafted together. This is real art here folks.


Pate. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Matzerath, are you stoned?


Who cares if you guys spelled Cthulhu wrong? The concept was really funny:) I loved the little annoying theological guy.