Reviews for "Cthoolou"

Almost perfect, nothing but good things to say

As usual, your unique brand of witty and raunchy play-on-words makes us of the accursed realm of existance laugh our asses off! I wish I could meet Cthoolou in real life; he kicks ass!

Wow I myself am now confused

Dude this gut should get a spot on spike tv man

love this one

i bet you read alot of H.P. lovecraft and Dante to come up with these movies. this one was one of your funniest ones,
though I am sure it was intentional I must say you mispelled Ctulhu

the Reanimator DID kick ASS!


At first I thought this was going to be an arrogant speech from an Elder God, but then the others piped up and brought up that whle hing about God, and me being a total non-believer I was wowed... I love every animation you've done especially the Scary Tale, that was one of your best.


He needs to prove it to himself :)

Anyway, great animation! That is indeed a very good question - how can God be certain he's God?

Very funny too! You definatly posess my sence of humor, an expansive (and somewhat unique) vocabulary, and an undoubtably high IQ.
Keep at it, I love this stuff!