Reviews for "Cthoolou"


Bonus points for the Re-Animator reference.

"Are You Guys Stoned"

This is nice work, takes a little while to get it's steam but once it does it's great fun. Animation and art are pretty good and the voice work is very nice (all in the delivery). I love the interactions between the various entities, it's great confrontational banter with a dash of philosophy. Nice job.

Wow I myself am now confused

Dude this gut should get a spot on spike tv man


That movie is so fruckin' cool. As are all the other Matzerah .swfs. Keep making these movies, they're so funny and pose so many valid and interesting questions about God.


- Evil Egg -

Almost perfect, nothing but good things to say

As usual, your unique brand of witty and raunchy play-on-words makes us of the accursed realm of existance laugh our asses off! I wish I could meet Cthoolou in real life; he kicks ass!