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Inverse Shoot'em up

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This game was written by GavD, I did the graphics, sounds and additional coding.

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There are a lot of things both good and bad about this game. Once I got the hang of it, it was an enjoyable challenge to try and hit the plane as it kept moving around. It wasn't too easy to do since it moved around quite a lot. The sound and graphics were nice as well.

However, it seemed to get old rather fast, and it was more of a "reflex" type game then i would have liked; you basically had to make sure you saw when your tanks popped on screen before they were shot.

The guns are too slow

The units hp is too low


it's a great concept. just not done as well as i would have hoped.
normaly the enemy fire multiple things at once and one shot end one of thier lives.
could have been better...


A clever, if brief spin on the classic top-down shoot-em-up.

Nice concept

If you improve on this it might become one hell of a game. Make things more interesting by allowing More customization to th base and more weapons/special equipment. I knew someone might make a game like this once.