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DemonSlayer ep. II

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This episode features a brawl between the infamous DemonSlayer and a colossal Bear - Demon hybrid residing in the northern taiga. Far more work was put into this cartoon than the last, taking twice the time it took to make the first, so I hope you enjoy it.

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Very cool, but plenty of room for improvement.

Now this was a pretty neat flash. It just proves the point there doesn't need to be a 40+ episode series just for one fight. Some good character designs, although not very original for our protagonist, and a bit scruffy but I'm sure you will improve on that in the future. The gothic theme has been done to death, but has been well incorporated. Only one thing was a bit off for me; at the end the guys face looked different than it did in the beginning when he takes his glasses off. And add some credits at the end. It's just a curtousy to state where you got the music from.

Pretty good

Graphics: 8 They were better than the first one.

Style: 7 I enjoy these violent flashes.

Sound: 8 Great sound. I enjoyed the music.

Violence 7: It just wasn't a very bloody one.

Overall: 8 This was a pretty good flash. It was better than the first one in some ways. I'm looking forward to another one.

It was cool but short



This is really good shit. Nice job. I found this when I clicked the random entry button so I saw this before the first. The music was really good in both episodes. Hope there's a third.


loved it and the first, i saw the first when you first submitted it so i had to wait a bit for this one, i rather enjoy your style, and how you work with the premise is better then i would have thought it would be. i remembered a few reviews bitching about holy water and all that jazz, who gives a shit, your the artist, what you say goes because its your work