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Reviews for "DemonSlayer ep. II"

good movie

good job


This is a pretty good series so far. I hope there are many more to come. Nice music choices.

I like your style man...

This flash is real nice. Frame by frame, and I KNOW first-hand how long this can take. I love your style, kid. The 'crucifixion' everytime... thats real good. I think you animated VERY well and I do hope you include a plot into this, not just a story. Good luck.

that was amazing

god did that demon even stand a chance... heh. I have 1 question though, what was with the eyes. was he like a demon also? well goodjob and keep it up

P.S it does look like wolfwood from trigun ;)

MattChat responds:

The eye thing was just a little peak into cracking DemonSlayer's mystery. DemonSlayer is an Angel, and underneath his shades lie two luminous pools of white.

You probably get this from Trigun fans...

Your beloved DemonSlayer resembles Wolfwood (of Trigun), with the heavy cross and kick-ass fighting ability (plus the shades).

Good job!!!

MattChat responds:

I admit that he does, but not only do I prefer the way DemonSlayer uses the cross he carries, but I also had never seen Wolfwood until the day after I devised DemonSlayer. Meh.