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Reviews for "DemonSlayer ep. II"

Really Good

Wow that one of the Keepers No dought saved but you just need to add credits to your self dont hide...



Brilliant preformance. I'm sure the small discrepancies will be smoothed out as your grasp of flash becomes more skilled. I'd do something about the jerkiness of the images...can you do something to smooth it out? (aka the demon's jaw opening to attack/demonslayer walking off in the distance) but these really didn't take away from the movie to make me angry. I can't believe it, another SKILLED artist to grace NG....sniff...Lets all get drunk to celebrate.

Very Very nice

I have tried to make movies it's very hard so i always give extra credit for graphics but for that i didn't need to cause they were to good! Nice style i really like demon slayer but i think you could add some dialog in futer episodes and add a little more story. None the less º¿º... i am wide eyed!

p.s. please reply ;)

MattChat responds:

Well, a lot of people are asking for story (I explained a lot of it in a reply to someone's review of the first episode) but as far as dialogue goes there wouldn't really be much to go on. Both DemonSlayer and the Demons he fights tend to be kind of the silent types, and since DemonSlayer is basically a superhero most of these cartoons are just beat-'em-up animations.

that was amazing

god did that demon even stand a chance... heh. I have 1 question though, what was with the eyes. was he like a demon also? well goodjob and keep it up

P.S it does look like wolfwood from trigun ;)

MattChat responds:

The eye thing was just a little peak into cracking DemonSlayer's mystery. DemonSlayer is an Angel, and underneath his shades lie two luminous pools of white.


its rare that i review flashes nowadays and when i do it means that its very good and i have to say that the demonslayer series is a work of art and it has a good story behind it and u have very good taste in music