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Reviews for "DemonSlayer ep. II"


its rare that i review flashes nowadays and when i do it means that its very good and i have to say that the demonslayer series is a work of art and it has a good story behind it and u have very good taste in music


I dont review much unless ive got something good to say but this i just thought was awesome that bear was nicly drawn i believe you draw your characters right? Very nice this is one of my favorite flashes now Goodjob.

MattChat responds:

Haha, sure I draw all of my own characters. I'm not sure how else one would get their characters on screen.


Not bad.. liked the drawings ur gonna get better later. Im lazy ass hell to even make flash movie.


I loved this! You took the time to make all those drawings, and thats really cool. Alot of frame by frame animation, wich is excellent! The only thing you should improve on is the storytelling and pherhaps clearing up the graphics a little, although I'm mighty impressed as it is. Please make more of these (and I don't say that alot) =)

Another great job!!!

You may not remember me, but I reveiwed your first movie and you replyed with the backround story. I just wanted to say I enjoyed both movies in the extream and wish more animators put as much effort and atention to detail in as you. I could find absolutly nothing wrong in this movie. The crossbow bolt shatering was dead-on acurate, the fight and the bear were both well drawn and animated, and the final part with him lowering his shades to hint at his angelic origens was perfect. This got 5 of 5 and 10 of 10. Keep them coming please!

MattChat responds:

Well, I thank you very much, and suppose I should continue the series with a stronger plotline, and dialogue. Once again, thanks for the support and I'm glad you like my work.