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Reviews for "DemonSlayer ep. II"


Brilliant preformance. I'm sure the small discrepancies will be smoothed out as your grasp of flash becomes more skilled. I'd do something about the jerkiness of the images...can you do something to smooth it out? (aka the demon's jaw opening to attack/demonslayer walking off in the distance) but these really didn't take away from the movie to make me angry. I can't believe it, another SKILLED artist to grace NG....sniff...Lets all get drunk to celebrate.


It kinda lacks plot.... perhaps if there was more to the character then slaughtering evil it would be more interesting.

Quality graphics and animation, but

The sky should have been darker (storm, dusk, etc) and the theme wasnt gothic enough. There should have been some gore and bones.. maybe even an instant burn/rot towards the enimie course when he dies. Try out some gothic/metal next time, since the pop rock didnt seem too themed. You did match up the movement towards the music, so that was a plus anyways.

MattChat responds:

Not to gripe, but I wouldn't really call Blindside pop-rock. They're a hardcore punk band, with a lot of metal elements. Sure, I could have synched it up with Avenged Sevenfold, but keep in mind I also had to present this to my art teacher.

Nicely done

This flash movie was pretty cool. The style was good and the effects that you used (like grass flying up when the demonslayer jumped) was also a nice touch. Keep making flash like this, and you'll be a great flash artist.

i like it

New age Beowulf. Kinda cool