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Reviews for "DemonSlayer ep. II"

Vrey Cool!

That showed imense detail, did you use a tablet to get that much?
The inconsistinsy in the character drawing means that you put alot of effort into this and it came off well, good job with experimenting with different backgrounds too, but try to use some more orgininal weapons, and for the last bit he should have whipped out his cross bow and used that to nail the bear to the cross and raised the cross as a warning to other demons...

MattChat responds:

Yes, I did use a tablet. Also, most of it's frame by frame at sixteen frames per second. I think a tween is used in... two spots? Minus fades, of course. I never used the same character twice outside of the same scene.
As far as piercing DemonBear with the crossbow goes, though he normally disposes of his enemies this way, DB's skin is too tough for the arrows to penetrate. Also I did that in the last toon.

Let's see... DemonSlayer's arsenal includes the huge cross on his back, his slayer sword, his redeemer sword, his crossbow, his cross bludgeon, his guns, and his tattooed fists. I don't know what's that unoriginal about them...


that was very good. it had enough story to it, despirte what everyone else is sayin.

ur drawings are GREAT, and u animate them well, so the movie looked like a boiled down anime. the opening music was good to set the mood, and the fighting music was great.
GREAT animation, maybe try something new.

Very Very nice

I have tried to make movies it's very hard so i always give extra credit for graphics but for that i didn't need to cause they were to good! Nice style i really like demon slayer but i think you could add some dialog in futer episodes and add a little more story. None the less º¿º... i am wide eyed!

p.s. please reply ;)

MattChat responds:

Well, a lot of people are asking for story (I explained a lot of it in a reply to someone's review of the first episode) but as far as dialogue goes there wouldn't really be much to go on. Both DemonSlayer and the Demons he fights tend to be kind of the silent types, and since DemonSlayer is basically a superhero most of these cartoons are just beat-'em-up animations.


The DemonSlayer is a great idea, just need some better demons and more fighting scenes.

Bit cheesy, but generally good

Blindside are great, but All of Us and Shekina just didn't fit the feel of the movie. No plot, but there's definately an opening, I like the whole cross thing, some kind of exorcism/purification thing going on there, which is cool.

Looking foward to more stuff from you, you obviously have some talent. (PS. If you do another one with Blindside music, stuff from the "Silence" album may be a little more appropriate)

Good stuff, 5 from me

MattChat responds:

The Silence be cool, but for this one I wanted something a little calmer with a sudden build-up in the chorus. As far as Shekina goes, I thought it fit the Taigan landscape scenes well, but I had to cut it when the combatants entered the scene.

A keen observation on the crosses. The Demons in the DemonSlayer Universe can only be damaged by weapons shaped like or bearing a cross. You may have noticed that even his fists have crosses tattooed on them. And, of course, if you've seen both episodes you might have inferred that the only way to kill a Demon is by crucifying it.