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Swedish Saveloy

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*** cant find the ending bug ppl are complaining about. Grammer and speech will all be revamped for re-release. Searching for good programmer to re-code entire game ***

I am not a creative writer, so the story is shite, sorry for that, i suck at coding, its just a pointless piece of shit! the GFX are about the only good thing, nevermind!


Here is a very basic guide for you.


Pick up the straw the dart and the comic. Use the dart on the remote control to get the batteries. Take the comic to the locked door on the right and slide it under the locked door on the right. Use the straw on the keyhole to push the key through onto the comic. You have the key, use it to enter the room. Pick up the whip and turn on the radio. Get the baby oil from the drawer and take it back to where you started. Use it on the right hand window to grease it up. Go outside and use the whip at the far right of the ledge.

Ignore the tramp and walk to the left. Go to the main map.

Scud Site:

Go to the shop and talk to the suicide bomber. Go out of the shop then head back to the flats.


Go to the drain and pick up the money. Pick up the antihistemines then go to in through the front door. The elevator has been fixed, use it and go up to the roof. Pick up the bottle of wine. Go to the water tank next to where the cat was. Use the antihistemines with the tank, you now have the drowzy cat. Go to where the tramp was and use the bottle of wine with his drink machine. Go back to the map.


Go over to the dance competition and give the 10 dollars to the lady. You can now enter. Go backstage, pick up the umbrella stick and use the cat with the generator. Walk back to the main hall and u will come third in the dance competition as the old man dies of a heart attack. Go back to the map.


Go to the tramp and use the umbrella stick with the crowbar and he will swap indiana jones style.


Give the batteries to the suicide bomber, he gives you his welding kit. back to the map.

Ice Cream:

Use the welding kit on the ice cream vans door. Go inside and use the crowbar on the cash register. You now have all the money. Head over to the swedish saveloy and you have completed the game (but im sure there is a bug and it screws up here)

-peace amigos, enjoy
PS: Look out for stolen ideas! im so weak

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I liked the story and the when he won 3rd for nothing hahahahahahahaha


Man the nostalgia on this one... I remember playing it for the first time when I was like 7, which was around 9-10 years ago, back in 2008/9. I was always stuck at the apartment until I figured to complete this around 9yo. Now after all these years I had to experience this again, probably because I saw dream about this game recently. As more mature I understand all the jokes on this game etc. :D Even though games have evolved alot from the early 00s, still have that feeling to return to the childhood of mine. Peace y'all!

Haven't played this since it came out. I didn't understand all of the innuendos. Great nostalgia trip.

Been a while since I've played this. Pretty decent for its time, really brings back the old-fashioned adventure game nostalgia. This and Riddle School were really my first flash games way back when