Reviews for "Swedish Saveloy"

Great game.

Less Sierra, more Sam & Max

Great game, I'd say it reminded me more of Sam & Maxesque humor though. Only issue is the length.


can you just write a second part please? its been like SEVEN FUCKING YEARS and still nothing this was the first flash game i ever played and it feels like shit when theres no second part'
can you please , PLEASE write a next part

6 years and it still isn't finished

It is still an awesome game even after 6 years but why has it not been finished as promised at the end of the game.

Funny game

The game was really fun to play I liked the part when I unlocked room 63. It made me go "OMG" when I saw what was in that disturbing room.. So, yeah the game wasn't that bad... I hope you finish working the new section for the club in june 8 David Savage.