Reviews for "Swedish Saveloy"

Not bad!

Great gameplay, gotta love the music on it.

You should make part 2!

it was ok.!.

they should hurry up and create part 2!!

Really good start

It really is a lot like the great old Sierra games!

Sure, there are some flaws like some spelling/grammar issues, some apparently useless items (placed there for a future long version, I hope), the fact that not all messages are written in the pixelated font and that you can't combine items (you don't need to to solve it, but think of the possibilities if you could) and that's why it gets only nine points from me.

But basically it's all there and this has the potential for a really great game.

Old memories

I used to play Monkey island all the time, and all the kings quests when i was very little, it's a very good game. Got me thinking a few times, well done. Hopefully a full length version shall be expected?


i cant find the door on the van

but great game

(i guess)