Reviews for "Swedish Saveloy"


i just love this style. Great game, allthough i think you have been playing a lot of Escape from monkey island series. I love those games. I can see a slight resemblance in Guybrush Threepwood and this main character. and the ho outside the apartment looks just like the waiter at the greasy chicken in The Curse of Monkey Island. The music is typical, and the map is just like the one from Monkey island as well. so, you've pretty much stolen the whole consept from monkey island, but it's cool:D


Unbelievable, so much detail. Maybe a tad bit too difficult but maybe I'm just too simple minded. I liked it alot and ill keep playin till i beat it. Now how the hell am I supposed get that bum drunk.....anyways great game. Keep it up!

To be honest, it's better then most console games

Yes, this game is better then some of the other games I've played on Ps2, GC, ETC., and I've played alot. I reall enjoyed this game because it made you think, and the only think that dissapointed me was the shortness of it and the shallow story.

But the puzzles were still worth it. I love it when a Flash game, or just a video game in general makes me think really hard on what to do next. I really enjoyed this game and it reminds me of all those endless point and click games from the early 90's.

I really, REALLY, hope to see another one from you. Keep up the good work.

Its kinda like Sam and Max!

That game was awesome. Well done!


This was a really good game. It was very much alike Sam & Max. Keep up the good work!