Reviews for "Swedish Saveloy"

I love this game

Idk why, maybe because it was one of the first flash games I played or maybe because it's so awesome. W/e anyone know where I can get the music from the Ice cream place?


it is one of the best adventure games ever kinda confusing


started out ok,looked pretty cool,then while talking to towelhead in store i got stuck and couldnt move,store owner and bomber where both talking to me and wouldnt let me walk or end either conversation,reloaded and did same thing again
looked like it would of been good though


This game was the revitalization for adventure games for me when it came out. Years later I can still play it out of the blue and enjoy it. Though short, it is a nice taste of what adventure games were, and what they still are for some of us.

On another note, to everybody who's too lazy to look at the date of this game's submission, and the date of the author's last activity:

Beast0 posted 3 times in one thread in the forums 4 months ago. Before that he had not been seen since he released this game in 2004. This game was really a university project for him, and it is very doubtful he will make more. It has been 3 years since his last flash, so it's very obvious that he's either given up/changed usernames/works professionally, or something

P.S. Beast0, if you're out there, give us some info! xD


when is the sequel coming?? btw good game