Reviews for "Swedish Saveloy"

Very well done !

This game is very well thinked... you have a great imagination ! It took me a little bit of time to complete, but with patience, I managed to do it...

good game

i like it but it needs a endin i couldnt finsh it but it was good

Not bad, could use work.

I was a bit lost without using the walk-through...the game is decent, but it's just a bit short. An expansion could fix this.

Nice job...

My brother just knew this game some weeks ago...now I played it. I said "I don't need no cheats, I need my brother". That's because my brother knows a walkthrough of this game...lol
Vote 10 and I'll give you 100$.

good job!

good game it is sure long tho I hope u make more they are so easy!:p