Bump in the Night

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Author Comments

The tale of a boy confronting his fear of what could be out there in the dark.

NOTE: This submission is supposed to be (graphically) dark. However, since monitors have all different settings, if the film is too dark, push SPACEBAR to brighten it up.

This is my second flash film. This was just a test of some different drawing styles. I did the entire thing with the paintbrush, which was a new technique for me. The end is frame-by-frame, which is the first time i tried it.

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Dude,, that was totally good! When the boy found out where the noise was coming from and then i saw the dad i thought for a moment "what the heck?!" I just thought he was with a blow-up doll!! ROFL! but.. then a second later i seen the moms head pop up, out from the sheets. LOL

Priceless ending.

God, half the time I was thinking something with sharp teeth or something was going to pop out. There isn't really much to comment on though, the only bits was the boy in the hallway and the parents at the end. Al in all, this was really good.

Hilarious concept.

Why the parents make that noise in bed I don't know. This is certainly one of my favourite flashes. I think the tense build-up is excellent considering what it leads to. The darkness and slow, fearful movement of the child helps this effect. As does the fitting tune. The ending is hilarious and slightly unexpected (I always thought something was up with that noise). =P

Excellent flash, your work never dissapoints.

haha okayy...

That was a little slow but suspensful... and the ending was weird... [sqeuak squeak]... lol all in all, it was still good.


ROFL good job dude

Credits & Info

4.04 / 5.00

Feb 29, 2004
10:44 PM EST
Comedy - Original