Reviews for "Bump in the Night"


very suprising ending..funny as hell. good job dude

Great stuff

It looked a lot like From My Room at first. And the ending was a real surprise.

Fun Fact!: When a kid sees his parents having sex, its called a Primal Scene (found that in the dictionary)

SecretAgentRege responds:

haha, thanks. maybe i should change the name to "Primal Scene."

and, I would be lying if I said that "From My Room" didn't have any influence on the film.


fucking scary.. for the kid anyways. must have traumatized him for life.

It was too long i gave a 3

It moved too slow for me, but i was able to veiw the entire, jus next time try to make the sound more threatening, instead of a rubber ducky sound, heh, his mom an' dad, heh heh cute ending..

SecretAgentRege responds:

yeah, it does move slow, but, at the same time, i was trying to build a sort of suspense, and slowness does it well, atleast for me.

thanks for the review