Reviews for "Bump in the Night"

Nice job

Lol i had fun turning brightness on and off and saying night, day, night, day. Eh i knew what it was from the first time i heard the noise. No mistaking the sound of a bedspring. (for me at least) I also thought it was very well animated. Good job!

funny ending

the ending is funny but by the time the boy leaves his room you know that that noise is

Nice little ending

I have to admit that this is one surprising flash. It was all spooky in the beginning...little boy,night, big dark house. Follows squeaking and BAM the shocker, it wasent some criminal nor some horror movie, it was SEX, very original.Nice job

impressive, but creepy.or it it creepy but impresv

wow, nice job bro. At least someone makes good use of my music. Keep up the good work, and keep checking my audio page for more killer tunes..

~Not too bad....~

~It was ok, but dude.... the kid walked by 2 or 3 lamps... ude think he would turn one on... and one was right beside his bed! Anyways... needs nudity! heh heh...~