Reviews for "Bump in the Night"

that was cool

nice touch

Good ..

But I saw this coming.
Sounded just like a bedspring's squeaking. :)

Good use of fades albeit absent from frame animations.


SecretAgentRege responds:

haha, yeah, it is kinda predictable if you either know me, or have the same mindset. It was supposed to sound sort of like bed springs, though; the end wouldn't have worked if it was, say, a monster's growl. I'm surprised more people don't find it extremely predictable.

thanks for the review

Great stuff

This was preety funny, you feel as if something bad is going to happen such as a evil clown coming out or something but really it the kids parents doing it. Also, nice way of using one frame at a time motion.


That ending was so totally unexpected. Or maybe I'm just being naive again. Only one complaint: that squeaky toy sound seemed kinda inappropriate.

SecretAgentRege responds:

thanks. yeah, the sound is kinda inappropriate, but, at the same time, i couldn't have something that sounded completely far from abed squeaking, and i didn't want to have it sound exactly like a bed squeaking. If i find a better sound, I'll throw it in there.

thanks again for the review

lol that was great!

my god, that reminds me when i first say my parents doing it... O_O it was freaky lol! *pokes the stuffed bear* is it dead? o_O'